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Shamanic phurba Nepal H2322

The ritual ‘dagger’ is used by the Buddhist priest as well as the animist shaman. Therefore, sought after by collectors of classical Asian art as well as collectors of tribal art. This ritual implement is used, in general, to keep evil away. Usual it has 3 parts. A crown (head), which consists of 3 mask-like faces sometimes with a human (shaman) or animal on top. A middle part (body) in the form of a ‘vajra’ (diamond or lightning bolt) with in the centre, the most auspicious part of the phura, the ‘eternal knot’. This part of the phurba is often covered with cloth. The shaman does not want to ‘pollute’ the knot with his body. The blade, with generaly a triangular form showing snakes or like in this case; Makara.A mythological monster. Also, too ward off evil. Early 20th century.

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Louis Nierijnck