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PAH 21218

A forged-iron oil lamp in the form of a shrine. (35cm)

Jajarkot, West Nepal. 1st half 20th century.

These objects are made by members of the Kami-caste. The Kami are the blacksmiths

who work with iron and other metal. They are living outside society, because the people see them as magicians since they create iron objects from a stone (iron ore)

The Kami are not allowed to enter the Brahmin temple and have their own local shrines where they offer these iron objects.

From the collection of my good friend, the late Jean-Luc Cortes.  R.I.P. (Paris / Kathmandu)

Traveler, expert and lover of the primal art of Nepal.

Writer of the great book: “The Primitive Statuary of Western Nepal”.

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Louis Nierijnck