Mumuye, Nigeria PAA21193

Wooden figure (Lagana) from the Mumuye, N.E. Nigeria, South of the Benue River. The sculpture of the Mumuye is maybe one of the most inventive and free sculpture in African art. The wooden figures came to the ‘market’ in the late sixties. They became famous for their stilled movement and reductive interpretation of the ‘human’ body. A few are known with a double crest and were most likely made by the same hand. One was auctioned by Sotheby’s New York inn 1990 and came from the collection of Harry A. Franklin. The other one was part of the collection of Jacques Kerchache, Paris. This one; early 20th century, Ex. Harry Heinemans, Eindhoven. Lucien v.d. Velde, Antwerp. Jo de Buck, Brussels. Berry de Bruijn. Height 49cm.



Louis Nierijnck